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All natural artisan breads, pastries and cakes hand-crafted in our humble South Perth cafe.

333 Mill Point Road, South Perth



baker preparing all natural sourdough


We have a passion for fantastic produce. This justifies our mission to craft memorable food from the field through to the plate.


 Mushrooms four ways

Fried Enoki  /  Bonito-stock Poached Shimeji  /  Char-grilled Shiitake  /  Sauteed Button





Led by Baker Ailin; Baker Et Chef’s mission is to offer delightful and surprising culinary experiences in a simple cafe setting.

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Our bread is a throwback to the centuries-old tradition of breadmaking.

learning from the masters

The sourdough base we use in our breads is a culture known as a 'levain', that we cultivate in-house. It's a technique baker and owner Ailin acquired under the tutelage of some of France's leading bakers.

The late 1800s and mid 1900s brought great efficiencies in industrial bread-making, but it came at the expense of flavour and texture. Master bakers strongly believe that levain gives bread an unrivalled flavour and a longer lasting product.

premium australian flour

All our baked goods are made using Australian organic and sustainable flours. It’s part of our commitment to preserve the land that sustains us, and we think our breads taste better for it.



An all-time favourite, our whiskey-cured salmon with scrambled eggs is smoked in-house and dusted with parmesan.

the final touch

The creamy smoked flavours of the whiskey-cured salmon are offset by a fresh, colourful salad of rocket and cherry tomato. Creamy scrambled free-range eggs sit atop a slice of house-made sourdough. Accompanied by gremolata, a blend of herbs, oil and citrus zest.


whiskey-cured salmon and scramble

Smoked salmon scrambled eggs.jpg

Petit Gâteau

[Small single serve desserts ]

Come in and try some Petit Gâteau (a French term for little desserts) made by hand. Each cake is a three-day process. Due to the specialised techniques and unique ingredients required, please note that the availability of these are seasonal.


Lime and Grapefruit “Lena”

Lime cheesecake mousse with grapefruit whipped ganache, caramelised pistachios, baked lemon cheesecake and a shortbread base. This fine delicacy was inspired by our team member Lena. Lime, a popular fruit in Asia is paired with grapefruit, a more common Western fruit. The combination accurately represents the balance between her two cultures. Dressed in coconut and topped with a delicate flower as an homage to our refined team player.


Vanilla Chantilly and Mandarin


This was a difficult one to create, but easy to love, inspired by our sweetest team member Erin. A vanilla Chantilly mousse mixed with South West honey, a mandarin compote centre, chestnut crémeux and hazelnut financier, perfect for the autumnal season. Topped with a rose gold powder-dusted white chocolate decoration, each flavour complements one another perfectly. A petit gateau that no one could dislike, much like its adored muse.


Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut "Robbie"

A gluten-free dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut cookie base. The hazelnut sitting atop the petit gateau is a labour of love that follows a traditional, old-fashioned caramelising method and is coated in couverture hazelnut white chocolate and rolled in cocoa dust. Inspired by our youngest team player Robbie, this labour-intensive creation is rich in personality and flavour.



Meet our Chef's Breakfast.

Traditional Artisan Sausages

Naturally encased, with no starch, flour, gelatin fillers and no preservatives.

Dry-cured Smoked Bacon

Offering a delicious flavour over common brine-soaked bacon.

handmade Hash Browns

Fresh potatoes, peeled, grated and fried.

free range Eggs

Cooked to your preference.

BAkers Bread

Artisan Bread served fresh from our bakery.


Chef's breakfast

Chefs Breakfast_1.jpg


[ weekends ]

Peanut butter chocolate

A modern take on the traditional pain au chocolat, with home-made peanut butter white chocolate piped into the croissant itself. Plated with almond cream on top and coated with sliced almonds.


Every bite of our Honey Butternut Pumpkin on Toast is pure heaven.

A generous slice of sourdough toast, smothered with our confit garlic and paprika yoghurt and dukkah. Topped with a sous-vide egg, honey-roasted butternut pumpkin and grilled broccolini, finished with a sprinkling of parmesan and toasted pumpkin seeds.


honey butternut pumpkin on toast

Honey Butternut pumpkin and grilled broccolini.jpg

Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches

The perfect meal to bring you warmth and comfort this season. Our seasonally flavoured gourmet toasties are made using our very own breads produced from all natural flours, with zero additives or preservatives. Indulge in one (or two) today.


Smoked Salmon Baguette

In-house smoked and cured salmon layered with rocket and encased in artisanal sourdough.

Ham and Gruyere

Traditional double smoked ham sourced from a local artisanal French butcher, married with a French Swiss gruyere.

Roasted Vegetables

Caramelised onions, roasted capsicum, sweet potato, cheddar cheese and baby spinach sandwiched between two slices of house-made sourdough.

grilled Chicken

Grilled to perfection, our sous vide free range chicken breast is served with sun-dried tomatoes, house-made basil walnut pesto, cheddar and baby spinach.



The Liege Waffle is the fuller-bodied, richer Belgian version of your standard waffle.

Served with bacon steak, caramelised apples, cream cheese, parmesan and a warm-spiced cinnamon oat crumble. Topped with an egg sunny-side up and parmesan.


the liege waffle

Liege Waffle Bacon Steak cameralised Apple.jpg

Truffle Menu

[ seasonal winter dishes ]

These items are available everyday during the truffle season of July. Due to the specialised techniques and unique ingredients required, please note that the availability of these are seasonal. Please note: the Wagyu Katsu Sandwich is only available at Baker Et Chef on weekends.


Mac and Cheese

The grown-up version of the family favourite. Tubes of macaroni stirred in with button mushrooms and French gruyere cheese sauce, topped with freshly shaved Manjimup black truffle. A final oven-baked layer of panko bread crumbs and parmesan cheese give this dish its golden-brown crust.

Black truffle Scrambled egg-2.jpg

Scrambled Eggs

Creamy scrambled free-range eggs, served atop a slice of toasted sourdough from Baker et Chef and accompanied with a colourful rocket and cherry tomato salad. Finished with fresh, fine shavings of the rich, locally-grown Manjimup black truffle.


Truffle Wagyu
Katsu Sandwich

A Grade 8/9 wagyu steak, the highest grade available in Australia, coated in panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried to medium-rare perfection. Sandwiched between two slices of Baker Et Chef milk bread and served with house-made katsu sauce and Manjimup black truffle.

Please note: this dish is only available on weekends.



Meet our new French Toast, otherwise known as the Pain Perdu.

Traditionally, the ‘lost bread’ was soaked in milk and fried with butter and sugar. We took a modern spin on this with a rich, house-made brioche, accompanied with a heavy dose of lemon curd, pistachios, strawberries and meringue pieces.


french toast / pain perdu

Pain Perdu - french toast with made brioche, lemon curd, pistachios, strawberries and meringue.jpg

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